The Last Post Ever on This Blog: All the Winters of My Body

Hey everyone.

I don’t know if anyone still reads this blog. Announcing this feels like reading the final words of a chapter of my life: This will be my last post on gian can’t dance.

It’s not because I stopped writing. It’s actually because I finally got off my butt and published a book. It’s called “All the Winters of My Body,” and I launched it last January 28. It’s a collection of poetry I’ve written over the last eight years. I probably have ten readers here, but I just wanted to thank each and every one of you—friends and strangers alike—for caring about what I write. I haven’t made it big, but I was a nobody when I started this. So I wish I could buy all of you a beer or something.

I’m migrating my blog to I hope I see some of you there. Actually, you can buy copies of my books on the site. If you’re a reader from far away, send me an e-mail and I’ll be glad to figure out a way to get you the book, or to get you a PDF copy at least. My e-mail address is not changing, so don’t hesitate to send word through the comments section or via e-mail.

It’s been great, guys. See you around.



7 thoughts on “The Last Post Ever on This Blog: All the Winters of My Body

  1. Hi, Gian. I have no idea why, but knowing that this will be your last post ever on this blog made me feel quite sad.

    I have read everything here. Now wondering when I can read your book.

    Waiting for that bottle of beer,

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